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Here is what our members say.

What is a tailgate park?

A tailgate park reduces your hassles and makes gameday even more fun. It's similar to a gated subdivision, You purchase your lot, then have access to the common areas, while feeling secure within the surrounding fencing. A tailgate park provides you the same benefits, plus many other features specific to enjoying your time before and after the games.

You can purchase a parking space inside a gated "community" and truly enjoy the game day experience. Drive directly to your numbered parking space, and begin the pregame festivities. Climate-controlled restrooms, children's play area, food preparation area, gameday security, and a live band are just a sample of the amenities you will find at the tailgate park.

Finally a tailgate park is only as good as it's location. Tailgate Station is only 7/10 mile from the stadium, usually a 10-15 minute walk, however you can always take one of the luxury shuttles to/from the game.  Shuttle service to TailGAte Station begins service back to TailGAte Station at halftime.

You never knew tailgating could be so much fun and free from worry!

Do I pay $15,000 every year?

No. This is a one-time cost, and your spot is deeded just like any other piece of property you own.

What are the TailGAte Station amenities?

  • Gated entrance with staffed security for complete piece of mind before and after the game
  • Extra large climate controlled restrooms with attendants
  • Luxury shuttles that run to and from stadium before and after the game or it is a short walk to the stadium. The choice is yours.
  • Professionally landscaped
  • Live entertainment on gameday
  • 5 color televisions in the covered open-air pavilion

Where is TailGAte Station Located?

The park is located at 225 Oak Street, which is about 7/10 of a mile from Sanford stadium. Our location provides easy access to the loop on gameday, avoiding traffic congestion after the game.

What is the shuttle route to the stadium?

TailGAte Station has a preferred shuttle route. Our buses drop off and pickup on Jackson Street. Our owners and their guests will have the ability to catch the shuttle back to TailGAte Station beginning at halftime.

What do I get for $15,000?

This cost is for the land within your space as well as your share of the common areas, fence, and the pavilion.

Do I pay property taxes?

Yes. As the property owner you will be responsible for any applicable property tax. We estimate this to be no more than $231 annually.

Are there annual fees?

Yes. There will be an annual regime fee that will be based on the budget of the park. This covers upkeep and maintenance as well as staffing costs such as restroom attendants and security. We currently project this fee will be no more than $350.

Can I choose the spot?

You can choose any space that is not purchased or reserved. Once you buy, it is your space until you decide to sell.

How big is the space?

Our HUGE 22-ft. long parking spaces give you enough room to park an SUV and set up a 10x10 tent, however between the amount of greenspace and the amount of paved parking surface people have the ability to expand into those areas without disturbing their neighbors space or interupt traffic flow.

Can I resell my space?

Yes. Your space is deeded and titled in your name. The land is yours until you decide to sell. These spaces can appreciate just like any other property. Our facility is similar to a park for Clemson University football fans. That park is now full and space values have appreciated to approx. $25,000 each. The Clemson park’s initial offering was at approx. $12,000 per space.

Can more than one person own a space?

Yes. You can have multiple owners for one space.

How many people can tailgate with us?

Owners will receive 10 guest passes per game.

Can other people use my space if I cannot go to the game?

Yes. You may loan your parking tag to whoever you choose, and that person will have access to your space.

Can I finance this?

Yes. This is a piece of property and can be financed by a lending institution. This will be the buyers responsibility and the same normal lending requirements and regulations will apply. For more information from our preferred lender, Guy Dabbs at Farmers and Merchants Bank (770) 761-5846.

Who watches over my Investment when I'm not there ; New Property manager

Wynn Management Services manages the facility, and they may be reached at (706) 224-2261, their offices are open Monday thru Friday and the contact person is Brooke Wade.


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